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Projecten 2011

In 2011 door het Reumafonds gefinancierd

Reumatoïde artritis

Basophils: new players in autoimmunity
Projectleader: Prof. dr. R.E.M. Toes
University: Leiden

 "Alarming" osteoclasts: keyplayers in mediating bonedestruction in rheumatoid arthritis?
Projectleader: Dr. P.L.E.M. van Lent
University: UMCN Nijmegen

Towards the development of a vaccine against arthritis
Projectleader: Prof.Dr. R.E.M. Toes
University: LUMC Leiden

Is the association of the TRAF-C5-region with RA explained by a novel intergenic RNA-transcript with potent immunoregulatory properties?
Projectleader: Prof.Dr. R.E.M. Toes
University: LUMC Leiden

Taming pathogenic T cells in rheumatoid arthritis via modulation of the small GTPaseRap1
Projectleader: Dr. K. A. Reedquist
University: AMC Amsterdam

Targeting Protein Deacetylase Activity as a Therapeutic Approach in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Projectleader: Dr. K A Reedquist
University: AMC Amsterdam

Novel molecular pathways to harness the regulatory function of dendritic cells for treating chronic destructive arthritis
Projectleader: Dr. B. Clausen
University: ErasmusMC Rotterdam

Co-inducers of stress protein as Treg inducing anti-inflammatory agents: a novel nutraceutical approach in rheumatic diseases
Projectleader: Prof.Dr. W van Eden
University: UMCU Utrecht

Disease-regulated promoters for human gene therapy in inflammatory arthritis
Projectleader: Dr. F.A.J. van de Loo
University: UMCN Nijmegen

Prevention of clinically manifest rheumatoid arthritis by B cell-directed
therapy in the earliest phase of the disease
Projectleader: Dr. D M Gerlag
University: AMC Amsterdam

The role of human interleukin-21-secreting cells in rheumatoid arthritis
Projectleader: Prof.Dr. P.P. Tak
University: AMC Amsterdam

Understanding the Survival of Autoreactive Plasma Cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Projectleader: Prof.Dr. R.E.M. Toes
University: LUMC Leiden

B cells in the preclinical phase of rheumatoid arthritis
Projectleader: Prof.Dr. C.L. Verweij
University: VU Amsterdam

Dissecting the molecular events in human lymph nodes in the preclinical phase of arthritis
Projectleader: Prof.Dr. P.P. Tak
University: AMC Amsterdam


Bone Morphogenetic Proteins in osteoarthritis. Back to judging the book by its cover?
Projectleader: Dr. E.N. Blaney Davidson
University: UMCN Nijmegen

ALK inhibition to control chondrocyte terminal differentiation. Stop differentiation
to the bone
Projectleader: Dr. PM van der Kraan
University: Nijmegen

Prevention of osteoarthritis by biodegradable polyurethane network adhesives for meniscus repair
Projectleader: Pr. Dr.P.Buma
University: UMCN Nijmegen

A novel strategy for the treatment of osteoarthritis by restoring joint
homeostasis using natural antagonists
Projectleader: Dr. HBJ Karperien
University: Twente


Exploring the role of Plasmacytoid dendritic cells as the driving force in systemic sclerosis
Projectleader: Dr. T.R.D.J. Radstake
University: UMCN Nijmegen

Evaluation of telomere shortening as diagnostic tool to predict clinical phenotype and outcome in systemic sclerosis
Projectleader: Dr. T.R.D.J. Radstake
University: UMCN Nijmegen


HMGB-1 as a central factor in the inflammatory clearance of apoptotic cells in SLE
Projectleader: Dr. M. Bijl
University: Groningen


ANCA associated vasculitis is a relapsing disease; the role of regulatory B cells
Projectleader: Dr. A Rutgers
University: Groningen


Defining the role of innate rather than adaptive immune pathways in the pathogenesis of spondyloarthritis
Projectleader: Dr. D.L. Baeten
University: AMC Amsterdam

The role of MRI in early diagnosis of axial Spondyloarthritis: the SpondyloArthritis Caught Early (SPACE) project
Projectleader: Prof.dr. D.M.F.M. van der Heijde
University: LUMC Leiden

Dermatomyositis bij kinderen

Exercise rehabilitation for children and adolescents with Juvenile Dermatomyositis:a Randomized Controlled trial
Projectleader: Dr. T. Takken
University: UMC Utrecht




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