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Ongoing research in centres of excellence

The Dutch Arthritis Foundation financially supports 17 professors in rheumatology (including paediatric rheumatology),  orthopaedic surgery,  immunology, general practice and biomedical technology to investigate vital research concepts.

This support is granted for at least five years. No other Dutch foundation supports research departments in this way. We have started this form of support in de 1980s, with the aim to help develop research departments and build them into centres of excellence.
And successfully, because at this moment Dutch arthritis research is ranked among the world's top 5. 

To maintain this top position, the Arthritis Foundation continues to support the research concepts of the professors. Every five year a review procedure is carried out. If concluded with a positive result, the support can be extended again with five years. The financial security that is obtained this way, gives room for long term commitments and research aims.

The professors each have their own research specialty. One performs genetic studies in arthritis,  another is particularly involved in immunity or in new technology possibilities. Others focus on specific forms of arthritis, like osteoarthritis or JIA. In this way a wide spectrum of arthritis research is covered.

Our centres of excellence.

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