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Research funding

Each researcher working at a Dutch research institute can apply for research funding by the Arthritis Foundation. The Dutch Arthritis Foundation supports 70% of the arthritis research in the Netherlands without Government support. The Arthritis Foundation is the largest independent financer of arthritis research in the Netherlands. 
You can apply for funding of:

  • Research projects: grant requests can be sent in each year till February 1st 12:00 am. Grant requests coming in after February 1st, are not discussed in the grant round of that year
  • From 2007, the Arthritis Foundation starts with a special Serendipity budget of € 300.000 for (pilot) research for which there is not enough experimental argumentation (no or minimal preliminary work, also not performed by others), but for which there is certainly some theoretical argumentation available. Or for which it is plausible that the pilot research could possibly provide a solution. Experiences have shown that breakthroughs or new research developments rather come from unexpected areas or are obtained by innovative research. Grant requests can be sent in through the normal annual grant round 
  • Implementation projects: these are projects by which a new treatment, instrument, protocol or product of proved value gets a structural application. These requests can be submitted during the whole year
    Thesis, traineeship, congress travel grant
  • Special projects: like the organization of a congress or printing of a handbook
  • Ongoing research. Ongoing research is there to investigate vital ideas from research projects further. Professors can apply for funding of ongoing research by to the Arthritis Foundation


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